This Month`s Meeting 7

Definition of Songwriting:
A cross media activity usually merging words with music
for the purpose of expression, therapy, communication, inspiration, motivation and/or entertainment and sometimes involving dance, drama and visual images.

Writing songs is like gardening. We plant knowing the harvest is already implied in the seed. We water our songs with attention and intention, nurturing each stage of their growth. We can cultivate a song in a closet or bring it out into a community of other plants and influences. Either approach works but eventually the song will need to go public to reach its full potential unless the song is only meant to be therapy. Taking a seedling out of a cold frame and planting it in the ground in early spring can be shocking but that shock usually catapults the plant into new accelerated development. Songs can be the same. Exposing them to a select group early on can be a bit of a jolt but also provide a much more informed direction of maturation. And then there`s the harvesting. We must decide when a song has seen enough pampering and needs to be pruned and strengthened for performance.


Join us on Nov. 5th, 5pm in NE Boulder.
4435 Driftwood Pl
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