MOSS Guidelines

We hope you’re well. In the interest of our Monthly Original Song Salon best serving its intention, we’ve created MOSS Guidelines. We request that anyone who joins the MOSS Group do their best to respect these. 

MOSS Guidelines

These guidelines are intended so that MOSS provide safe space for sharers and clear expectations for feedback.


Monthly Original Song Salon supports the creation of original music, in whatever form, including outside the norms of society.



Be very specific about the feedback you would like. If you have just written the song and your ability to perform is marginal, then specify, I don’t want feedback about my performance, only about the song and its content.


  1. Try to recognize what the songwriter is trying to express. If this purpose is not apparent, then ask questions as to what that purpose is. Give helpful suggestions as to how to achieve this purpose.
  2. Use “I” statements. Do not assume that your perspective in any way represents anyone else’s perspective. Some helpful phrasing can be “If this were my song…”

“I really felt moved during the first verse, and then I got confused when…”

Another especially important guideline is to own your own emotions, such as when a song makes you feel uncomfortable. This practice is from nonviolent communication. Example:

“When I hear your song it makes me feel this….and underneath that I feel…and underneath that I feel…” Drilling down to a feeling that is entirely your own and not the “fault” of the song.

  1. If you don’t know what to say, consider sharing one thing you liked about the song, or something it reminded you of.

THANK YOU FOR READING AND REMEMBERING THESE GUIDELINES. It may take a little practice to put these into action. When we each honor these guidelines, we will enhance the MOSS experience for all. Thank you.

Christopher and Sara